Ministry Ongoing Projects

Project Name Project Description/Details
Private Sector Competitiveness and Economic Diversification Project – Phase II
The proposed project aims to build on reforms initiated under the private sector competitiveness and economic diversification project as well as reforms in new areas to support government priorities that would lead to greater private sector development. This will be achieved through improved business environment, greater access to finance, supporting investment promotion activities in new sectors and enhancing linkages to domestic SMEs and improved economic diversification in the economy through targeted support to new growth sectors such as horticulture and tourism that have tremendous potential to create sustainable jobs and improve livelihoods. The project design has been informed by the recent World Bank (2012) technical assistance note that analyzed policies to increase economic diversification through Foreign Direct Investment and improved backwards linkages to the local domestic economy. In addition, the project design is also closely coordinated with the ongoing Financial Sector Development Strategy (FSDS). The project comprises of two components namely: i) Improving the business environment; and (ii) Increasing economic diversification.
Tikoe Industrial Infrastructure Phase 3
The Project aims at providing industrial infrastructure in the form of requisite infrastructure and utilities (water, waste water treatment plant, electricity, telephone, access roads) and construction sipil of factory shells at the Ha Tikoe Industrial Estate for new and expanding investment projects. The estate will house factory shells of different sizes.
Ha Belo Industrial Infrastructure Phase 1
Infrastructure and 16 factory shells for Belo Industrial Estate. The purpose of the Project is to develop an Industrial Estate at Ha Belo in Botha-Bothe on the land owned by the LNDC which measures approximately 121 hectares. This site is located 3 kilometres from Caledonspoort border gate and 6 kilometres from Botha-Bothe town along the main road connecting the border gate and the town
Economic Diversification Support Project
The overall development objective is to contribute to inclusive growth through enhanced economic diversification and strengthened enterprise development. The specific objective of the project is to support private sector development slot gacor through improving partnership, entrepreneurship and skills development, and investment promotion in the selected sectors critical for economic diversification. The project has three mutually reinforcing components: (i) enhancing economic diversification, (ii) promoting enterprise development and (iii) project management.
Standards and Quality Infrastructure
The objective of the project is to construct a building to house the envisaged Lesotho Bureau of Standards. This building will be used for standardization and accreditation work, testing facilities, training centre for all standards, quality assurance and metrology (SQAM) related issues, house inspection equipment for legal metrology and industrial.
SADC-EU Trade Related Facility Project
(2019 – 2021)
The SADC Trade Related Facility is a mechanism for financial and technical support given to SADC Member States to assist them to implement commitments made under the SADC Protocol on Trade and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and the SADC EPA Group. The overall objective of the Trade Related Facility is to improve the participation of SADC Member States in regional and international trade in order to contribute to sustainable development in the SADC region. Specifically, the SADC Trade Related Facility aims to enhance the implementation of the SADC Protocol on Trade and the EPA to increase intra and inter-regional trade flows of the concerned Member States.
The Lesotho Trade Related Facility Project addresses the following issues:1. Component 1
1.1 Development of National Trade Policy
1.2 Formulation of Competition Policy and Establishment of Competition Commission
1.3 Capacity building of the National Body/Lesotho Trade and Tariff Administration
1.4 Strengthening Standards and Quality Infrastructure and Capacity Building of Staff of Department of Standards and Quality Infrastructure2. Component 2
2.1 Strengthening National Accreditation Systems
2.2 Improvement of Laboratories and Quarantine Facilities
2.3 Enhancing Rules of Origin
2.4 Trade Facilitation
2.5 Industrial Development