By 2020, the Ministry of Trade and Industry shall be a leading Ministry in Trade flows, share in GDP, Investment, Business and Industrial development for private sector led job creation and poverty reduction.


“MTI shall create and maintain a more equitable and enabling environment for business and private sector development through the development of polices and supporting legislation and provision of services in consultation with stakeholders in order to promote investment and growth and foster the global competitiveness of Lesotho’s economy.”


“Enhancing Trade for all” “Re ntlafaletsa bohle khoebo”

Cherished Values

Maintenance of good conduct and upholding the Ministry’s image by maintaining ethical standards.

Quality Service
Ensure high quality services delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Staff Wellness
Maintenance of a positive attitude to promote a healthy and a friendly working environment.

Zero tolerance to corruption
Elimination and non-tolerance of undesirable conduct in the workplace.

Promotion of transparency in all activities to ensure that the Ministry is consistently accountable.

Maintenance of a workforce that is honest, trustworthy and content in fulfilling its duties.

Goals of the Ministry

  • To achieve its long-term mission, the Ministry has set the following goals;
  • To achieve foreign investment in order to broaden the country’s industrial base and improve employment opportunities for Basotho;
  • To identify and assist local entrepreneurs and the farming community to utilize export opportunities in order to improve the country’s foreign exchange earnings and create growth in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors;
  • To facilitate the creation of a conducive and appropriately regulated environment for commercial and marketing activities in the country in order to improve the performance, and to support the growth of local entrepreneurs and farmers;
  • To foster Lesotho’s effective participation in international konstruksi sipil and regional trade organizations and maximize its benefits from treaties to which it is a signatory;
  • To increase producers market share, profit margins and on-farm income.