4. One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre (OBFC) - Ministry of Trade and Industry

4. One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre (OBFC)

4. One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre (OBFC)


One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre is mandated to provide integrated suite of services for investors to reduce the cost of doing business.


• Company registration
• Import permits
• Export visas
• Traders and manufacturing licenses
• Trade remedies
• Tariff investigation
• Work and residence permits for manufacturing sector and
• Marketing permits

Online Companies Registry System

The online companies registry system makes interaction with the companies register easier, quicker, more transparent and user friendly. Stakeholders such as the business community, government legislators and the public can search the companies register (private, public, non profit and overseas companies) and lodge documents for registration online.

For existing companies, core information previously held on file with the MTI has been migrated into the online registry system.

Clients without internet access can still continue to lodge manual lodgements for registration at the One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre.

Features of the online registry system

• Full suite of online services
• Simplified Filling Requirements
• Simplified Fees
• Searching the Register is FREE
• Certificate of Incorporation and Extract of the company information is available online and is FREE

Optimum Settings and Site Settings

The Website works best with ANY of the following browsers:
• Internet Explorer (version 8 or above)
• Mozilla Firefox (version 3.6 or above)
• Google Chrome
• Safari


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