2. Industry - Ministry of Trade and Industry

2. Industry

2. Industry


The mandate of the Department of Industry is to facilitate and promote sustainable growth in the country’s industrial sector through the creation of an enabling environment for increased investment and competitive performance of the manufacturing sector and thus contribute to employment creation.


  • To expand Industrial Base through facilitation of infrastructure development and industrial development
  • To attract and maintain Foreign Direct Investment in the country
  • To facilitate the development and implementation of the competitive and export led growth strategy in the industrial sector
    Functions of the Department
  • Investment Promotion – Investor Manual, Trade Fairs, Bilateral Cooperation Agreements
  • Licensing of large and small scale Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Inspections – mainly to ensure compliance and smooth operations of the industrialists
  • Industrial Skills Development – to enhance productivity in the Industrial Sector through Maseru and Maputsoe skills centres.


Textiles and Garments

1. Filled Application Form
2. Company Extract, Certificate of Incorporation and Certified ID Copies of Shareholders for a Company / (Certified ID Copy of the Owner copy for Sole Proprietor)
3. Lease / Sub-Lease (Proof of Business Site)
4. Health Certificate
5. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report
6. Pre – Inspection Report

Food Processing

1. Requirements are as above
2. Food Handler Certificate
3. Laboratory Results / Report
4. Recommendation Letter from the Laboratory

Water Bottling

1. Requirements are as above (under Textiles and Garments)
2. 2 – 4 (Under Food Processing)
3. Approval from Ministry of Water
4. Confirmation Letter from Council

Sand Stone and Mining

1. Requirements are as above (under Textiles and Garments)
2. Mining Lease
3. Letter from Council


Large Scale: Application Fee – M 500.00
License Fee – M 3 000.00
Small Scale: Application Fee – M 50.00
License Fee – M 100.00

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