5. Administration

5. Administration

Divisions within

Planning Section

The purpose of the Planning Section is to coordinate formulation of the Ministry’s development policies, plans, projects and programmes and secures funds for their implementation as well as ensuring that utilization of resources are targeted at national development priority areas in order to get value-for-money. This will be achieved by providing management with information that they need to make appropriate evidence-based decisions.

Information and Communication Technology Section

The Information and Communication Technology section is responsible for overseeing and managing the Ministry of Trade and Industry information technology projects. Coordinating project phases from development to installation and acts as liaison between clients, vendors, and consultants; advising the Ministry on technology and how it can help the Ministry to perform better.

Communication and Advocacy Section

The Communication and Advocacy section is to plan and guide the strategy for all communications, create publicity for the Ministry and its projects and disseminate information on activities. This will be achieved through continuous communication with all relevant stakeholders.

Procurement Section

The purpose of the procurement is to draft and prepare procurement strategy, plan and organise procurement of goods, works and services; and ensure compliance of procurement activities with existing regulations within the Ministry.

Internal Audit Section

The Internal Audit section is to provide quality audit services in an independent and objective manner to assure financial and operational integrity, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Legal Affairs Section

The Legal Affairs provides legal services to the Ministry and as such serves as in-house legal counsel.  The section advises the departments and staff about legal aspects and the legal framework governing their functions to ensure that their actions are legal and legally justifiable.  The legal Section is also responsible for reviewing laws administered by the Ministry and proposing new laws where gaps are identified.

Human Resources Section

Human Resources Section is responsible for providing guidance in formulation and implementation of Human Resources policies, Strategic rules and regulations that contribute towards attainment of Ministry’s and employees’ goals through the following services: Recruitment and Selection, Remuneration and Benefits, Training and Development, Employee Relations, Health and Wellness, Performance Management etc.

Accounts Section

This section is charged with the responsibility to ensure timely payments of ministerial suppliers and provide Ministry of Finance with quarterly reports on how the budget was spend by the Ministry.